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Originally Posted by A.Mutt View Post
I'm 100% cool with a Christian Disc Golf club, and even church owned course. But you'd cross the line with me if start asking me about my beliefs in an effort to convert me. I used to play weekly hockey in a church parking lot that had real goals (not pvc pipe homebrewed ones like ours) and everything since it was for their youth group. They were nice enough to let me and my 2 derelict friends play and we did every week for years. Not once did they ever question our beliefs. Only offered a seat in their prayer session afterwords, which we always politely declined and they never treated us differently. If that's the kind of scenario you're talking about then good deal. Just my opinion.
This point has probably already been mentioned in this thread, so my repetitiveness may be redundant. AMutt brings up a great point about the whole "converting" issue. If your only motive (in church on Sunday mornings, a DG ministry, etc) is to try to convert people, you're missing the point entirely. If there isn't genuine friendship or care for others, you'll never get anywhere. As AMutt referenced, people are going to be turned off if they're getting treated as objects, or if there's an obvious "hidden" agenda.

Not to get "preachy", but as Christians, we're called to love our neighbors (and enemies) as ourselves and to share the gospel. Neophyte's quote of St. Francis of Assisi sums up exactly how we're supposed to live. So, IMO, a DG ministry would be a great way to combine people's passion of the game and their beliefs. The struggle is to accept anyone and everyone as they are and not try to force things upon them. Plus, a DG ministry would hopefully eliminate the stereotype of the typical disc golfer.
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