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Originally Posted by jubuttib View Post
Every time I hear something new about the Vector I want it less and less...

Hopefully it'll beat into neutral.
Originally Posted by cfair View Post
Same, I seems like it will be some kind of Premium Roc and if thats the case, I'll stick to rocs. Although if it is like a roc with its bead I would be interested to see what it is like without its bead...
I don't think it is going to fly any more like a Roc in premium than an Ion flies like a premium Wizard/Voodoo. The overmold/gyro technology is going to influence flight as much or more than the profile of the disc.

Disc making is an art...No one really KNOWS how a concept will work and exactly what specific flight characteristics will result. No matter how carefully you design there is always trial and error. I think putting a big bead on the Vector and going the more stable route is a way for MVP to take more sure control of how the disc will end up flying. MVP did not want to make a specialty disc here to fill a small niche in some peoples' bags...They wanted to make a workhorse mid, so ending up shooting for neutral and having the disc possibly come out slightly understable (like some proto Ions have) would compromise the potential versatility of the mold. Another reason to add a little overstability is to make sure it would not end up overlapping with the Ion too much. Most Ion users throw them for short midrange shots, so the possibility for overlap was definitely a real concern. MVP realizes that Ion owners will probably be the first ones using the Vector, so they wanted to make sure it was something useful for them first and foremost.

Chad has also assured me that if the Vector comes out more overstable than many people want, MVP will be able to easily tweak the mold and add a non-bead/small bead more neutral flyer to their lineup.