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But I need to start with the basics. Any advice?

Am I even gripping it right? That's what I use.
Am I supposed to be throwing it really high? For distance I go with about a 40-50 degree angle.
Does Incr Height=Incr Distance? No
Why does my disc turn left sometimes? Please elaborate
Headwind secrets? The disc will turn more quickly. Aim more left than you normally would or disc up to something more stable.
Do I need to get an estimate on my distance to the point the disc rolls and turns? Huh? And how far it floats after that turn? Huh?
Do I just stick with one disc or do I use many more for different situations? I use two. See below

zenbot's OH Rant: Copy and Pasted for your perusal.

Originally Posted by zenbotticus "robotface" rex
There is conventional wisdom that can help you with disc selection. I don't subscribe to the theory that you should only use overstable discs.

Overstable discs will complete their turn more slowly. This increases the amount of time the disc is parallel to the ground which keeps it in the air longer.

Less stable discs complete their turn more quickly. Less distance but I find them to be more accurate as the disc starts falling to the ground quicker and is less influenced by wind and variances in your release angle.

One other note is that if you're throwing an understable thumber you need to aim slightly more left of the target than you would with an overstable disc. (Assuming you're throwing RH)

To get you started the Firebird is a very popular disc for thumbers. I use my for distance overhands and a Teebird for shorter shots. Keep in mind that overhand shots are rough on discs. I recommend premium plastic.
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