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Originally Posted by Countchunkula View Post
I remember Feldberg saying that he used to spin putt but changed to Climo's style in order to have shorter comeback putts on misses. I was under the impression that Dave's style was very close to Kenny's. This is for shorter putts only, Dave uses a spin putt for his step through putts.

So BroD, what's the difference between "Push Putting" and "Pitch Putting"? Previous to this thread, I have heard the terms used interchangeably.
The difference doesn't honestly merit a name its just that Feldberg over complicates everything in his explanations. The primary difference is where power is generated in the kinetic chain of the weight transfer. Climo's is such that his primary generation is arm. When he needs more distance than his arm can generate he begins to include his hips and then legs. Cam Todd on the other hand generates a little bit of power each way along the kinetic link with the largest point being his "pop" or spring up from the ground using feet/ankles and knees. He doesn't use his hips much and its why he gets that little jump/hop in his putt. So Todd adds arm motion where Climo adds hip movement.

SO! That tells us this. You can use primarily arm motion and add body movement (climo/push) or you can use primarily body motion and add arm motion (todd/pitch).

Now if you want Feldberg's breakdown you get this. He is more of a push putter like climo in that he uses a primary arm movement with body motion to increase range. How he does this though is more like cam todd. Don't be fooled by Dave though he is doing Climo's style just with a different style of kinetic linking. Feldberg uses more hip and back. Using his legs more as a platform to buck his hips forward and shoot his back/shoulders up. So have fun with that, and my next post.
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