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Originally Posted by Midnightbiker View Post
Plus, how do you think they might view you? To them, you look like some idiot throwing a piece of plastic, and then , walking after it. And then, throwing it again. How do you think that looks to others?
Why don't you just enjoy your sport and let them enjoy theirs. That is what makes the world go around. We all like different things.
Before you start judging others, maybe you should look in the mirror and worry about yourself first. Damn!
First of all, go get 'em MB.

This last part reminded me of something that happened at the course. I was playing a round by myself, teeing off, and somebody who obviously had no idea what disc golf was or what I was doing looked at me really funny and said "you out here throwing frisbees by yourself? Dont you got any friends?"

I thought it was funny.
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