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Originally Posted by MooTaters View Post
I fear some fool won't realize that he needs to slow down if I'm near a turn and about to make it(using my turn signal) because he thinks he can just pass me or some bs just because I'm on the shoulder of the road being nice to them.
That's why you need to yield to all of them. The right of way only matters after they hit you and the cops are there and you're in the ambulance. I was in an accident where a bicyclist literally hit my car. She was foreign, didn't know the rules of the road, and didn't think to signal before she made a left hand turn from the shoulder while I was going about 35 mph right next to her...

It was bad. I thought she was dead after she rolled over the roof of my car and bounced off the pavement three times. Fortunately there were a lot of witnesses that saw her hit me, but as a cyclist, it's your responsibility, as well as other drivers, to make sure you're aware of what's going on around you.
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