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Originally Posted by cfair View Post
Interesting... so a few things lith.

1) Glad you're backBeen back for a little while, using my Phone as my main source of Internet.
2) What about the neutral putter thing? Are you trying to say I have to have a putter in various stages of wear for stability? If so I am a-okay with that. I am loving the challenger so far.Just wondering if you've tried a neutral type putter like the Warlock or Dart, preferably a few in different stages of wear. New they can hold any line driving, approaching. Beat up they'll go straight forever. Beat silly they'll fly really straight for a long timethen finally start to turn right and never look back. Something Wizards, Aviars, Challengers just don't do. They all start turning pretty fast.
3) Is the Gazelle better for correcting form?Dx yes, anything else yeah but certain runs will hide issues. Better than a Tp Cyclone for fixing form, no. Any other Cyclone it's sort ofthe same as the Gazelle. They both require a different throw, to get different results. Personally for fixing form I'd use a Cyclone after putters and Rocs.
4) I end up using the comet as my approach disc a lot. I do use my putter for approaches but I just have so much control with a comet. I was thinking about adding a Buzzz to be in place of my comet for mid range drives.
I think this mostly depends on range, and how far you throw vs the type of shot you need. I prefer approaching almost always with a putter, I carry about 3-4 different putters, but the same mold. Some people can't stand still throw putters over 200', I would. Honestly unless it's about 300 with a certain line, I might use a Roc for that approach. My Rocs are mostly used for drives. Everything else is a putter almost. Even the putter see's more flight time than my Drivers.
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