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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
You really think Warlocks are neutral like Darts? I've got a SS and a SSS that are both easily beefier than your standard Aviar. Unless you mean BB Aviar.
First off, yess this thread is a few days old. I forgot to check it. But, gives me something worthwhile to talk about.
To answer about the Warlock, I believe their quit a bit more Hss than an Aviar, but less Lss. Much like the Dart, most say it's flippier than the Aviar, but it requires a clean throw to achieve great distance and accuracy. Since the Dart is less Lss it makes a great straight flier fromthe start. Blake and I had a long conversation about the top 10 putters overall. Warlocks were I'm almost positive in the too five. But, he of course rated the Wizard in the top 3. But, hilariously at the time he was having a battle within himself as to wether or not the Warlock was better for him. I personally would throw the Warlock over the Wizard if I went back go Gateway. While I don't exactly like the way the Warlock feels I could get over it. I honestly like the way the Dart feels, it's. Thinner disc, and a much faster disc than the Warlock. But stabilty wise I feel they're very close to each other. (side not: If I could find anyone to throw me some SS's and some SSS's that were in various stages of wear. I'd probably drop the Dart again.)

I still havn't really figured out if Blake is throwing the Warlock or Wizard now, it's been a good while since we discussed it. But, I find it quite funny after he was such a Wizard Fanboy for so long. Still is, and probably didn't switch. He's one that can tell very subtle changes in disc and is often more right than wrong. But, he doesn't rank the Dart near the Warlock for several reason, but I just told him he sucks and didn't know what he was talking about. He got a laugh out of that.

But to more clearly answer the question, I do find them to be more netrual drivers, than the Aviar. I consider the Aviar a very tad understable as a driver. The Warlock tends to hold any line from start to finish better than the Aviar. Not talking about Kc, And all the champ ****. So anyone thinking about throwing that **** out here keep it to yourselvse.
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