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Went to a Play It Again Clinic yesterday at Kensington Metropark hosted by Mark Ellis. The teachers were some discraft pros and one of them, Sara Demar, helped me clean up some nose up wrist roll I had. Which I think I've figured out how to cure that little issue of discing down to mids and then moving up to drivers. Anyway, my bag, as it stands, as I am trying to really beat in certain things.

(will hopefully post pics later)

Stiff 172 Pro D Challenger - Putting, approach, driving 250'-280'

176 3rd Run ESP Comet - not sure what to think now sadly. Sarah kinda pumped up my power a bit and now it turns on me waaayyy more than I'm use to. Going to have to figure out a few things first but I think I'll have a stand still 300' shot with it easy as it turns over at the end of its flight around 250 and then turns into the ground...

164 Blue ESP Cyclone - Nice dome, very mid like, and since Sarah turned up my D I really see how Lithi says it flies like a longer Roc. Once this thing is beat in it will be straight as a Roc too.

174 Pink Pearl Z Pred - my best buy from PIAS yet. This puppy is beat in and sneaky long. You wouldn't think it was overstable till the end of the flight.

I've also included a Z Avenger SS and a really beaten in ESP Surge to include in the mix. We'll see how things work out.
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