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Originally Posted by discspeed View Post
The Fuse is slower than the Meteor, so it actually powers down better. If that's not your experience then you probably just never got really comfortable with the Fuse, or the Fuse you had was more stable than the Meteor. The Meteor is a niche disc, speed and glidewise comparing to fairway drivers. Meteors also have more LSS than the Fuse. Either way I think the Axis is going to be a more HSS disc than either of those two.
I agree that the Meteor does take up a niche spot in my bag and I will add that my experience comes from a differential of at least 100 to 1 throws in favor of the Meteor over the Fuse. I threw the Meteor before, tried the Fuse for a few months, only felt comfortable using it for long "trick" shots in the forest, and then eventually and slowly went back to the Meteor when I found the Buzzz SS I was trying was unable to hit the shots I remember the Meteor making.

Being that I am 1/4 Swedish and with my love affair with the Gold Line River, I always contemplate giving the Fuse another try, but I cannot justify spending 42 dollars on three Fuses (the minimum I need of a particular disc spread over the two bags I use for rounds and practice) when I can get Meteors a lot cheaper because they are misprints. Sad, but that is the life of a niche disc.

Maybe I have a few slow Meteors, or more likely I am comfortable with how I use them in that niche spot which is a slower requirement, but based upon my faulty long-term memory of throwing the Fuse last summer I do remember the Fuse being a lot faster with a lot more lateral movement.

Originally Posted by discspeed View Post
Also, putts inside the circle are all in your head. I'm pretty sure it was something between you and the Ion and not the Ion itself. Many of us know how great a putter putter it is. Also, though I know you probably meant somehow better for you, I'm going to be a smartass now and say that the Ridge NEVER flies better than an Ion because the Ridge doesn't really fly...It just pushes through the air.
I agree for the most part that poor putting is by far most affected by one's ability to concentrate and summon confidence. However, and this is the hard part to explain, the Ion never felt right in my hand for any putts between 25-40 feet. In order to generate that little extra snap and power, above and beyond the flick of the wrist that is so automatic for the shorter putts, my fingers actually felt crammed or smooshed against the rim. A fan grip did not feel right at all and I cannot generate power from that. But that is just me. When I hold it like I am going to approach, then it is not as much of an issue anymore. While the Ridge is not perfect (grip-wise), I do feel more comfortable gripping it. Right now the only putter that seems half-way comfortable in my hands are Pro Pigs, if that says anything.

I have a dyed soft Ion I will never give up, so I am never going to completely stop practicing with the Ion, but for the time being I am auditioning other putters.

As for the Axis, I will definitely feel one up when they come into the store.
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