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Originally Posted by Smcneil View Post
just got my first Proton ion without the texture on the bottom and i love it. i got a white softie. I must say i really like this one compared to the 4 first runs that i have. now i just need some softies in the transparent colors.

I just picked up one of the newly run 168g white, medium stiffness Ions last week. I never threw one of the first runs with the textured bottom, but felt them in the store. They were a bit too stiff for my taste and didn't feel all that great in my hand compared to the Ridge and Jokeri that I had been using. This white one, however, is pure awesome. Exactly what I was looking for. It's a bit softer than the other mediums I've felt, but not squishy or floppy at all... Sort of how the medium X-link Ridge feels but with a stiffer (and more ergonomic) rim.

I've thrown it on a couple tightly-wooded holes in the 250-275' range that I'd normally throw a Leopard or Fuse and, while it was about 15-20 ft short of the basket on these few throws, I wasn't overshooting and felt like I had much more control. Can't wait to get some more throws in with it.

I was hoping I'd be able to replace both my Ridge and Jokeri with it, but that Jokeri really wants to stay in my bag. Seems like I won't be with less than 3 putters for a while.

Only trouble is... Now I want one of those pink, transparent Protons.