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Originally Posted by Technohic View Post
The Axis is what I am waiting for...still. Then I will just be curious on if they are capable of making a true understable disc with so much weight on the ouside edge. I know the early Ions I had where the overmold almost overtook the entire beed were still not really understable but just neutral, but I would like something like that in regular production but as they work their way up to faster discs, it may not be enough to just be beedless.
I think in MVP's first couple of discs we've already seen that the effect that the gyroscopic weight distribution has does not trump disc design. Both the Ion and Vector have somewhat overstable designs, and both are now slightly overstable to overstable. I think straight to understable designs will also yield straight to understable MVP discs. I think with the gyro you have to kind of overdesign in one direction or the other (look at the Vector's huge bead), but I think it's very easy to imagine an understable gyro disc.