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So I got a Squatch Legend to carry on courses that are difficult to roll my Zuca on. I preordered it and it arrived last week. I have gotten a few rounds in with it and am really loving it so far. The materials are top notch, it holds a ton of discs and gear, and carriers extremely light.

I have owned an octorhorpe in the past and the comfort and materials seems very similar, and obviously the design is very similar as well. I would give a slight nod to the octothorpe for comfort, mostly because of the load lifters on the shoulder straps, which the legend doesn’t have. Quality wise we will just have to wait and see. I have noticed that so far the legend stands up better than the octothorpe, which I always thought was tippy when I owned it.

I think this is a fantastic option for those looking in the $250ish price range. The legend is definitely a more comfortable bag than a Grip A Series (which I have also owned), and holds more as well.

There are a few review videos on YouTube you can check out if you might be interested, including one by Doth that is pretty informative.

The Squatch Legend really is a dream to carry, but I still see myself rolling my Zuca when I can, especially for tournaments, but that’s personal preference.

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