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Originally Posted by billyjacko View Post
Also what do you think about throwing into a net/blanket for practice?
Unless you have a rather large area, throwing indoors can be physically restricting and also psychologically restricting. IMO indoor practice is best more focused on drills exaggerating the smaller motions and slowing things down. Closed Shoulder Drill into a net would be good.

Originally Posted by billyjacko View Post
Good stuff seabass. Do you have any advice for practicing just footwork? I practice my x-step inside, but not sure if it's really effective.
Just swing something heavy back and forth and overhead circles like in Reciprocating Dinglearm to feel the connection of the feet, body and arm like a pendulum swing/ball on string. Start swinging slowly just a few inches back and forth using your feet and body which moves the arm and feel the whip/release of the bottom of the pendulum. Then swing it out wider back and forth over and over. Most of my drills can be done inside and are more focused on the lower body. There's some other great drills in the link below as well. Also remember that drills are drills, they are often exaggerating certain parts/feelings of the throw to integrate into your overall form. If a drill isn't working, then move on another and/or video yourself doing it, analyze the difference or post it for analysis. Patience is another crux, once you feel the fundamental difference it can take years to change your balance - it's like learning to write with your opposite hand, just try wiping your butt next time with the opposite hand - at first it's hard, then gets better with practice.

I'd also advise watching/studying the top pros throwing and visualizing yourself throwing like they do and mimicking them in slow motion.
Originally Posted by Paul McBeth
- When you notice a problem, too short, too much hyzer, whatever, the best fix is to exaggerate the correction rather than try to make a tiny change. It's much easier to dial back a change than to slowly increase one.

- Keep practicing, maybe I will see you in a couple years.

- Go to a pool and throw underwater to slow everything down. This should help you throw faster when you get out of the water.

- It's just like any other sport you have to study film to stay on top of your game.
Read the technique sticky threads on here and DGR.

See how the dog is moving the fulcrum of the pendulum with his paw and it's nice and balanced - that's what your feet should be doing to your body/fulcrum of the pendulum. Think about swing theory - How do pendulums, catapults, trebuchets, bow and arrows, golf, baseball, hockey, skiing, hammer throw, apply to the throw?

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