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Originally Posted by SD86 View Post
It would not hurt my feelings if this disc was SL-'ish'...

G-Blend: A long flippy driver with a little fade at the very end. Seems to me like a longer Sphinx. I can get this about as far as my pharaoh on a good turn over.

I-Blend: Middle stability, straight with a little flip and a little fade. Has potential to beat in the fastest and become pretty flippy. Thinking long Exodus.

Metal Flake Glow C-Blend: The most overstable, as with most of our molds. This is a nice straight bomber with reliable fade. Thinking a bit shorter and more controlled Pharaoh.

Honestly the Aztec might need three different sets of flight numbers for the plastics. I'm really liking this though, I like the long flippiness of the I/G Blends.

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