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Yeah! That video of Jr ESPECIALLY is what I'm talking about! He's moving forward, forward, swing starts, then BAM! His front leg stiffens and digs in, bracing for the hit and then he power bombs that ball and actually recoils back a little, even though his hands keep moving forward! I could watch Jr videos all day everyday and never get bored. I miss that guy SOOO much! Him and Freddie Couples were my idols in sports for the most perfect smooth swings of all time!

I guess I just don't see it in the disc golf throws. They all look like their going through the hit, never recoiling and then around. It doesn't look like they are slamming into their plant foot/leg, stopping their forward momentum and sling shoting their arms forward. I guess Eagle is the one guy that does look more like that idea to me, and that Jarvis guy a bit, but almost everyone else, to my eyes, looks like they just keep on going forward and then around with no recoil. So that was throwing me off big time! It must just be less visible or not visible because it's just your arm with that puny little disc coming out, not a 35oz bat getting whipped around at 70-80 mph!!! JUUUUST a bit more momentum in that scenario, haha. Same with a golf club or tennis racquet. But same idea it seems like?

Starting to understand more. Starting to put some of these pieces together. I'm busting out my old racquet bag and going to just start whaling on my backhand and get that grooved again as practice for the Disc. And another thing I'm really going to focus on more as well to hopefully get my arm issues getting better is to just keep my arm straight the whole time. No flex at the elbow at all. And just let the momentum bend it. And pump my arm more to get the gravity doing more work for me. I need to get to a point where not only can I feel how to throw it far with ease, but have it so grooved I don't even have to think about it anymore. Then I can move on to more advanced ideas. The arm thing is just killing me... and my rotator cuff for sure, haha. I've actually been doing even more rotator cuff exercises at the gym the last few months because of the Disc golf. But man, I really did a number on my shoulder last time out and need a week or so off. No bueno

PS, that Jarvis dude is smoove as h*ll! He almost throws a disc like Griffey hits! That's pretty amazing. I have that video bookmarked to reference and every time I've watched that to see what he's doing, it's just silly how good he is and how in balance he is! Its very impressive!
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