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Default DWalk's Bag

Had a previous itb thread, but this one will be comprehensive and not limited to 2019.
Will use this for archiving my progression as well as for any feedback/suggestions

- Years playing/experience: 3 years DG
- Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: ambidextrous
- Throwing Style: RHBH (primary), LHBH
- Distances:
RHBH: Wizard: 180'/200'; Buzzz: 200'/225'; Explorer: 280'/310'.
LHBH is about 50 feet shorter

- Age: 34
- Sex: M
- Injuries/handicaps?: N/A
- Other sport proficiencies?: Baseball, beach volleyball

- Push out distance. Wizard to 250'; Buzzz to 275'; Explorer to 325'
- More accurate upshots from 200' and in.
- Field Practice once a week, during peak times of the year
- play 50 times a year, or ~4 times a month on average

- Long-term goal: have enough distance to incorporate a speed 11 driver. Break 400' distance

Current Bag:

172 opto Explorer - light wear, workhorse driver
170 big Z Mantis - new, u/s driver for tailwind/calm conditions

172 ESP Buzzz - light wear, workhorse mid

173 ESP Zone - new, o/s putter for windy approaches or utility shots
175 SS Wizard - light wear, workhorse putter (approach putter and putting putter)

What I'm considering:

Heat - speed 9, u/s, tailwind, calm - think this disc could give me my greatest distance
River - speed 7, u/s -- have never thrown a disc with 7 glide. popular fairway driver. course I usually play at is not too long, I think this could be a good fit
Culverin - speed 9 - am starting to push my Explorer past 300'. this may be my next disc up for headwinds, windy conditions. don't think I'm ready for it yet, but maybe in the future

Comet - seems to be an all-time favorite mid for several long-time players, but I think this would overlap with my Buzzz. Still want to try it. Don't play wooded courses often, but think it would be a good pick up for the times that I do
Verdict - seems to be popular O/S mid.

Axiom Envy - popular putter. considering trying this as a throwing putter while still using the Wizard as putting putter. I don't like the idea of having 3 putters, but that is also probably the most important disc type. I like the Wizard as a throwing putter, but the Envy has a more shallow rim, and I'd be interested to see how I like the grip in comparison

Additional Thoughts
I don't have an O/S mid right now, but I also think the Zone is pretty close to being considered a "mid". I have an Anvil but I feel like there's too much overlap between it and Zone since they're both very o/s and speed 4. If I got a Verdict, it might fit b/c it could provide more distance than a Zone/Anvil.

Haven't tried the Mantis yet, it's on the way.
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