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Default Looking for a great FH driver

Hey everyone, just looking for suggestions for a great FH driver. I already have an FD2 Royal Rage and it's just about as perfect of a disc as you could ask for a FH throw as far as feel goes. So I'm looking to add a speed 10-12 disc, that feels and fits the hand almost the same, but just has more speed to throw farther. I usually only like Discmania, MVP, Axiom, and Lat 64 discs, but always willing to look at other brands.

Want something with the FD2 feel, flat top, thin overall, thin/flat wing shape, and no sharp edges underneath the disc. Would like it to have some tiny amount of HS turn, but not much. Also, don't want a ton of hard fade at the end. Something that if thrown well, goes mostly straight or just a tad of turn, then rides that line straight most of the way, with a reliable/always going to happen fade, but soft. Nothing with a hard fade right. And just for reference, I throw my control drivers speed 9 around 380 or so. I'm still learning the game and don't have a super repeatable throw yet, but it's getting better each day now. This disc will also act as my only disc above speed 9 for now, and be my OS/windy BH driver as well. Thanks
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