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Iíve got a mixed bag and have thrown plenty of blizzard plastic but it always beats in waaaaaay to quickly and had consistency issues from disc to disc of the same mold.

Now throwing Air plastic from Dd and Lat.
What I like about their Air plastic is the durability and weight. Opto or Lucid Air plastic is usually between 154g to 164g. While other manufacturers have skinneyed up the flight plate with regular weight plastic to get into the low 160g weights, inconsistencies with these runs as far as dome and PLH have been the main problem.

The Air plastic is able to achieve a consistent disc run to run without compromising quality. I think itís because they are able to generate a flight plate thicknesses that keeps the disc consistent with regard to stability in the perfect weight of 158-162g.

I bag 2- Lucid Trespass Airs, 1 Explorer Air and 1 Maverick Air for big high turnovers uphill.
Iím 52 years old and these help me with distance in general and with uphill shots.
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