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Originally Posted by hisdudeness47 View Post
You know the throw... the backhand release where it sort of sticks to your hand and comes out right of your target line (for a righty) but with beautiful snap, magical turn (sometimes never fading), and distance you didn't know you had. This happens sometimes when I'm playing and it happened a few times today during field work as I was working on my hips, plant foot angle, and brace. I'm hitting 450-500 feet on these "mistake" throws when my typical max is 375-400. These throws are a mistake and are often inaccurate (as the line is way right of target but sometimes they fade back somewhat close) but they feel right, kind of like its ripping out of my hand at the right moment vs my typical release. Something is clicking properly but I can't replicate it when I try. I haven't quite put my finger on what it is.

What is happening with these throws that I'm not doing normally? How can I harness that power/snap? How can I harness it on the CORRECT line? What's the sauce? I know I have this distance but I can't do it on command. I feel like I'm right on the edge of something awesome.

Added a practice video. I'm mainly focusing on my brace and hip engagement in these ones. Some reps felt/look better than others for sure. I'm also pretty fidgety right now with all my form changes and new details I've learned flowing thru my head.

Side Approach (threw midranges):

If you guys have any tips, feel free to roast me!
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