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Originally Posted by txmxer View Post
Grip is unique to everyone because hands are unique.

This thread title is about maintaining grip as long as possible to achieve maximum acceleration up to release. Having a well connected grip as long as possible is important, but the release can take speed off the disc as well—somewhat related to Uli’s video.

My hands are smaller. Trying to throw nose down has been really difficult.

I tried something new today. My thumb AND pointer on top of the flight plate. It’s an interesting twist on getting snap on the disc because I’m pretty locked in without having to over flex my forearm. It was inconsistent today, but I think it has promise.
One tip I heard was to hold the disc soft until release, then bear down a bit with your grip through release.

I messed with it but never committed to it. To some extent I know I do it intrinsically but I don't think about it. I know there's some truth to the general idea (loose grip = more whippy arm, tight grip = higher max force before it's ripped away), but now I have a mind to revisit it more deliberately.

On some of my hardest rips my hand will feel it, it's like the release recoil and I feel it on the web of my thumb. Or maybe it's my fingers snapping together. Not sure.

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