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Reviving this thread as it is the closest I could find to my question.
I run a A / B "random" draw doubles at moraine state park.
We randomly pair A players with B players.
The remaining players are paired randomly.
If it is BB they get -3 and if it is AA they get +3.
If there is an odd number we have a "Cali" player.
The Cali player gets 1 extra throw on the par 3 and 4's. We give them 2 extra throws on the par 5's.
Only the first throw counts for the ace pot.
The Cali player always has the option to pay twice and get two shots on every throw and then any ace counts.( I realize this is contentious, but it's what's been voted)
The Cali player gets all the money for their position regardless.

Currently if the Cali is a B player they get -3 and if the Cali is an A player they get +3. (Regardless if they paid twice).
Some people see this as unfair.
I am looking for some arguments for either side or just general thoughts I can apply to the situation.

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