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Default Lat64 Fuse

Here's my first DGR/DGCR double post, but many here don't go there, so I think its relevant.

Quick rundown...I need to throw it some more, but this is the most interesting mid I've thrown in a while. It doesn't feel or fly quite like anything else out there, but at the same time seems to do exactly what a mid should. I would compare it to a Comet/Aurora/Hawk with a more modern profile thus making it much more comfortable for me in the hand than any of those. It may have the most glide I've ever seen out of a mid. It has a slow motion flight and that is what makes me think of the Comet/Hawk, but its not nearly as touchy as those. It prefers a smooth throw, but doesn't suck if powered either. It has less fade than a Buzzz, will flip a little, yet I still would not call it understable as it locks onto a line rather than continuing to turn. Shots where I did turn it too much it did not ground out (like a Comet would) rather it went a long way forward while going a long way to the right. Long story short...The Fuse is a FUN FUN FUN disc to throw...It makes you want to go to a short course and play a one disc round.

Like all other Lat discs I've tried, the Opto flew WAY BETTER than the Goldline. The GL did not have the slow motion glide and was flippier. The flippiness without the glide tended to produce flights that went off line for me. I'm just about ready to say that I hate Goldline plastic. Looks pretty in the hand, but not in the air. Maybe this is personal preference because I haven't heard anyone else knocking the GLs, but I have a strong preference for Opto.
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