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Originally Posted by ChrisWoj View Post
OP was a joke - but to be serious, you're right. I've been saying for years that Paul and Ricky were the faucet opening, the talent getting to where it's more than a drip. The faucet isn't done opening yet - the field is gonna be packed with guys at that 1050 level soon enough.
Originally Posted by NOStheBOSS View Post
Since ratings are relative, I doubt it. Scores may get better but you will always only have those top 2 or 3 players that are good enough (or that much better than their competitors) to be above the 1050 level.
I was going to say that, as well. No matter how good 'the field' gets, there will always be a few super-elites at the very top. That's true in every sport, as well as tournament Chess, and it will be true of DG as well.
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