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Originally Posted by ToddL View Post
D. A player may elect at any time to take optional relief by declaring their intention to the group. The lie may then be relocated by marking a new lie which is farther from the target, and is on the line of play. One penalty throw is added to the player's score.
E. No penalty throw is added if optional relief is being taken following a penalty taken for a disc out-of-bounds or above two meters.

At any point you can choose to take optional relief straight back on the line of play. Maybe there's a big bush in your face. Maybe your runup is rocky and uneven. Maybe you don't like your angle to the green. Whatever the reason is, you can go back on the LOP as far as you want at the cost of one penalty stroke. However, the rules committee doesn't want to double penalize you for being stuck under a big bush while coming off an OB stroke at the same time; they give you the relief for free since you already got a penalty stroke for being OB.
I need to read up on this rule. . i feel most time you go OB your lie is of.

So at worlds when Paige did go OB into a big bush and had to stretch out max to even get a desent angle. . she could just have walked back in the line of play and played from there?

Eveliina and Henan had the sam bad lie on the same hole
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