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Originally Posted by Yxebrew View Post
The trilogy deputies were all in prime.

Have you kept them in your bag? How do you like throwing them now?

I have not been bagging a Deputy since my post on Aug 17. The primary reason for this is because I have a cycle of Shields going (new Hard Shield, semi-beat Hard Shield, very beat Hard Shield) that seems to suit what I want right now for most putter throws. A hard Harp or ESP Zone fills out the remaining throwing putter in my bag.

Writing this, I feel the urge to put a Deputy back in the bag. The ones I tried out got some good distance on the relatively few throws I gave them. And, I like how comfortable they are.

I look to putters for some types of hyzer flip shots that require late turn (for instance, hole #18 of the Hill at Devens). My super beat Shield has been working that line pretty well, but I now also wonder how a Deputy would look on that hole.
Do you ever finally figure out some hole, and then immediately say to yourself, "Okay, that disc worked out great on this difficult shot! Now, I am going to attempt to repeat the same type of throw with a different mold."?
I guess, as soon as some challenge is met, I reset to another challenge.

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