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Originally Posted by Kenny53691 View Post
I work shoulder to shoulder with the County GIS guy. We outsource a "fly by" aerial photography group because I live in a pretty small community. Our latest aerial map was done early last year, but the is a bad shadowing problem in the area that I'm looking at because of the sun location. I honestly don't think that I'm going to find any better mapping because I've checked almost every site that I can think of, including google earth.
Shadows are a big problem with most ortho imagery. Satellite imagery is usually better. Have you taken a look at the LANDSAT-7 imagery for your area? You should be able to find a non georeferenced version of it. Otherwise the GIS person will have to take care of it. What kind of data repositories do you have available publicly? If all you need is a clipped full color image, I can help you out if you send me to the data and give me an idea of what I need to clip it to.

What do you guys think about labeling the holes on the tee pads instead of the midpoints of the hole lines?
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