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Originally Posted by Steve West View Post
I like that, because the players is always looking for "Tee Pad N", not "The Middle of Fairway N".
I can always save my old lines if that ends up being the way to go. It might take me awhile to label based on the tee pads because the auto labeling will be an issue. There are a few areas on the course that are crowded with features on the map.
And the mid line labels obscure the important vegetation data.

I will get around to putting in the update 1m cell size base image this weekend.
Still looking for a high end GPS unit to borrow. I need it for accurate elevation information.

Originally Posted by Kenny53691 View Post
I've looked but all I can find is from the 2007 aerial. It's not as bad as the 2012 aerial with shadows, but I guess I'm just asking for more detail than what if offered for a "po-dunk" town.
Might want to ask about LANDSAT. There might even be LiDAR for your area. I doubt it will be the stuff I am fortunate to use. But you could get a surface model that shows trees. Then get someone to draw on it.
I really prefer the course maps that are 'hand drawn'. That I am doing is going to be close, but what you see under the trees is the most important. A giant tree with high limbs is no more of an obstacle than a large telephone pole.

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