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Originally Posted by Titanic_Sinks View Post
My biggest worry when I hear something is "like a Buzzz" is this:

The Core is like a Buzzz! Hell no it isn't. It's like a beat Buzzz SS.
The Warship is a Better Buzzz! Hell no it isn't. It's too domey and you can't trust it in the wind.
The Mako/Shark/Coyote/whatever else is like a Buzzz! Just no. Please stop.

Just like everyone wants to copy the Roc or improve it somehow, it's not happening.

I think it would be awesome if this really does fly like a Buzzz, but I'm definitely going to be a little skeptical until I see some good videos. I'm also guessing that this feels like a Hornet in the hand due to the micro bead and bit of dome...

Agree completely. That's why no one should take my opinion or word on it for gospel. It'll be something you need to throw from yourself but I will say it's the closest thing I've ever thrown to a Buzzz that wasn't a Buzzz. I never threw a Core long enough to say it was, and I never thought a Warship was a Buzzz. I never cared for the Warship actually but I do like the Truth. Mainly because I can't tell the difference between the verdict and truth until I throw them.

It will certainly be funny when next weekend rolls around and all the other opinions come in. I'm already waiting the OAT-ty arms saying it's flippy. I thought the fugitive was a little flippy but this thing is dead straight if you know what you're doing.
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