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Originally Posted by ThomasOrion View Post
So it sounds like you're pretty new to this disc? How did you find out about it?

I thankfully heard about it pretty much AS it was released - I was introduced to the SCALE first - then decided to try the Serpent - and really haven't used the Scale much anymore (though very similar to the Scale is the Element Iridium which is a gateway Warlock with the same RDG top) its OS and really nice in windy approaches - but yeah the First Run SERPS were I think all white fossil and they are rigid hard and pretty darn stable - I have 4 of those - then they ran some black ones in a slightly softer feel, still rigid but break in a lil better - I have about 5 of those 2 broken in that actually get a lil flip and ride. then the most recent I got were the swirly erasers that are the softest but seem to be the most comfy to hold and throw and look great. all in all its a super straight with slight fade disc - and totally worth getting a few

Yes I am completely new to this disc. I found it because I *gasp* putt with a Birdie most often and love slow, straight discs but the Birdie rim gave me occasional regrets. I asked a while back about brick style putters and got several reccs for the serpent so I started looking. Posted on a dg sale page looking for cool serps and ended up being shown an armor scale mixed in and had to have it, threw it a dozen times and LOVED how it flew. Now I REALLY had to have a serp to compliment it, as I loved the subtle thumbtrack and ended up finding some blue first run chalk pits recently. Trigger was pulled and here I am, love at first flight. Id still love to find a tar pit serp but will definitely be picking up the fossil, FF and other variations along the way. This disc is a game changer for me and I am hooked.

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