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Default Where do I Begin?

Hello All!

I've been playing for about 4 years and have been loving every moment of it. To give some background I started off like everyone else throwing noob hyzers 200 feet and had a break-thru in my 2nd year throwing about 300 consistently. I was about 890 rated and 3 years later I am 875 rated throwing about 300 consistently . When I first started I created a nasty habit of running up backwards. I since switched to a more sideways run up (or so I thought) but on video I noticed I just delay my backwardness until the end of the run-up. This run-up feels so comfortable to me and I feel like I get a good rip on the disc, but I look nothing like 950+ rated players and on a good day I will throw avr 350. I know I am missing something.

Unsatisfied with throwing 300-375 I decided to rebuild my swing. I am making it a point to not turn backwards until my back leg is planted. I have uploaded my latest form and I have some things I like to mention I am feeling with this new swing.

1) God help me the only thing I think about is not turning my back foot backwards during my run up. Very distracting. I noticed really the only way to do this is to not start my backswing so early.

2) Once I plant my BACK foot my FRONT plant foot moves forward until I am at the full reachback. Me going so slow means my plant foot is about 10 foot away from my back foot. I know my stride is too long.

3) The pull feels week and disjointed. I don't know if it's because I am not use to it or if I am doing it wrong.

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