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This video is very long with tons of detail, but it shows what you are doing.

You are collapsing onto/into your left leg and hip, rather than being balanced on top of the left leg to turn back. So essentially your torso and spine is tipping backward away from the target, rather than loading your body by actually turning away from the target on the leg.

For example, as soon as you start the backswing you can see how your arm/disc, shoulders, and head/spine move down and away from the target toward the ground.

Then at the instant your plant foot is about to hit the ground you have a super wide stance with your knees bowed outward...the "horse stance". It's very wide, stable, and because of that slow.

Considering this I think your arm gets to a pretty good position during the forward swing. But I think you're throwing upward/nose up because your spine was tilted so far back/away during the backswing and then it gets pushed forward and up on the way ahead.

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