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Originally Posted by jakebake91 View Post
Mold design is a very very complex and difficult process. People who do it for a living still always miss things and struggle at times to do it right. I build injection molds, trust me. The thought that some random joe could do it is both laughable and insulting to those who actually do it . Having a bit of input is one thing, but to call that "design" is wrong. At best you're an advisor.

*Please nobody let it out that I'm actually standing up for engineers.......*
Interesting. Random Joe here sat behind a CAD designer who had never heard of Disc Golf and in 15 minutes asked him to draw up a disc shape and then heighten the wing, flatten the top a bit, increase the bead slightly, change the diameter slightly, add a bit of mass so the SG would give us a weight range we wanted etc to produce what looked on screen a profile of a putter I wanted to throw (somewhere between a Jokeri and a Wizard so admittedly I had some pretty good starting points to go from) and after dropping a few thousand pounds on the mold produced a disc that everyone who's thrown it has loved and pretty much uniformly bagged. Here's former World Record holder Ken Jarvis casually launching one

I would reckon Paul could get behind a designer and from his knowledge of discs get them to recreate something he would expect to work well with a few tweaks on something he already likes. Even if that conversation was as basic as I would like a Destroyer with a bit more dome to get a bit more glide and turn.

That's not disparaging the role of the engineer but R and D on new discs doesn't involve wind tunnels and hitech science, it involves tweaking what's already there with known constants (how wing height, PLH, dome and more are likely to have an effective on flight etc a lot of my known constants were picked up from years of reading on this and other forums)

On the missing things side I was after an easy to throw fairway driver and had specified a 1.7 cms rim in the original brief and just before I was about to approve it noticed the designer had given me a 2.2cms rim, I'm not normally very good at proofing things but got lucky that day!
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