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Welcome to the website. To answer your question, I think part of the reason that there aren't a lot of used ones out there for sale is that they haven't sold as many. For the price point, I know there's a multitude of other choices out there, and looking at the history of they're customer service, there's a lot of reasons to not drop over 5 bills on something that you know you're not going to get back. That's a lot of dough for something that isn't going to have a resale value. Plus if you get one, and you end up going to a course that isn't cart friendly, you still gotta have something to carry your stuff in. That's my take, but I'm sure there will be someone that says "well it's cause no one wants to get rid of them cause they rawk so much and Socki Bomb uses one" but meh. There's a new german cart coming to market here that's almost like the Delta, and of course, there's always back pack carts from DD Zucca, or straight Zucca, for way less than the Delta. Shoot, you can even build a box cart your own self for way way less than that. Just my two cents man.
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