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Originally Posted by HyzerUniBomber View Post
Bud, welcome to the club. I enjoy every round I play - and you have nothing to prove to anybody. I'm not sure why disc gets lumped into this category of "you have to play tournaments" to measure yourself against others.

All the sports I've enjoyed as an adult: mountaineering and free-skiing, skateboarding, rock climbing. Nobody would even raise the expectation that you'd have to take it to the level of organized competitions to have a completely fulfilling experience. Competition in those arenas are saved for the ESPN kids.

That's the way I feel about disc pdga play. I'm glad to watch it from my couch, but I love playing for me and my buds that are enjoying playing outside and that's it. If it wasn't fun, I'd go find something fun to do.
In that case, my favorite sport is throwing discs in a field. Putting is a necessary evil involved with disc golf and is 0% fun even when I make them.

I have started mountain biking and that's been taking more of my time and has been way more fun for me. No competition, just adrenaline and joy (and sometimes pain).
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