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Coming from a professional level bmx background (going on 17 years now) I found it hard to play/see people with wonky form (often painful looking in a literal sense) crush the course on a casual round and in a tournament setting. I thought “hey I’m putting in all this time and this is only where I’m
At?!” I was setting expectations for myself instead of remembering why I played disc golf in the first place.

I think most of us here have that inner demon/angel that pushes us to want to improve and excel in whatever that may be in life, and it’s definitely real to get sucked in and start losing the fun aspect.

I’m stepping away from tournaments this year and going to volunteer instead to help out. I’m running all my Upshots and trying to turbo putt stupid distances instead of fretting a circle 2 Putt on a casual round. Honestly it feels good. I know I’ll figure the form stuff out eventually, and if I quit I’d just feel even worse.

I hope you stick around and find the love again my friend! You’ve been a huge huge help in my obsession on this long and winding road.

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