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Originally Posted by Flashblastx View Post
I struggled with the arm quite a bit and just recently came the realization that rounding is just your shoulder hinging (think of how your elbow articulates) when the shoulder should be rotating (internally and externally).
First off, wow, this makes a ton of sense, at least when I do it in slow motion.

Originally Posted by sidewinder22
Swing/pound a hammer in slow motion with the elbow up and thumb pushing the back of the handle. Hold the disc 90 degrees and fan the air to the target, so all the pressure is loaded against the thumb.
This also made sense in slow motion; it didn't even feel possible to move the hammer in this way without going ER-IR-ER. That's where there was the greatest and easiest range of motion. It was a pretty different story with a disc, though!

There's so much going wrong here, I know. This felt very unnatural to me, and everything from footwork to posture fell apart. I did at least get myself internally rotated in the power pocket somewhat, on some attempts, but when I did I usually didn't get it external again, and the disc just flew straight up. I don't know if I was overdoing it in some way, or if like Richard says in his video I was basically just not holding on long enough?
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