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Iím glad that makes sense man. The hard part is applying it since you probably have been used to the rounding motion for so long (hinging). I know I have that issue itís easy to revert back to old habits in the field.

Unfortunately when you pick up a disc you go back to your old ways usually.

I definitely see some posture balance issues but as far the arm goes it seems like you may just be pronating/supinating the wrist instead of rotating the shoulder in its socket. Again probably because of old habits and if it feels weird there is probably a core motion pattern issue to address. The only time rotation of the shoulder felt natural to me was when I focused on a lateral movement. Shoulder leads the elbow, elbow leads the arm and disc as a unit.

It looks to me in those throws that youíre pushing off the left leg into the plant (you can see if straighten) instead of letting your center of gravity accelerate the weight shift. You can also see this when you push off the right foot in the x-step, you are straight up and down and then compensate by pushing off that left foot when it comes time to shift your weight.. When I started leaning forward off the right foot I started to feel the magic of using gravity to accelerate my shift. While gravity pulls you towards the target you should have your disc pull counterclockwise away from the target.

I donít see the usual embedding for YouTube haha so hereís the link:

I canít stress the importance of this drill. If you do this and then apply it to the doorframe drill hopefully it starts to add up. When you grab the door frame with your center of gravity shifted towards the target focus on keeping your eyes on the target for as long as possible. The only reason you should look away from the target is because your right shoulder is getting pulled back from you grabbing the door frame.

Really practice these drills until you start to feel the leverage and power. It will feel like you could tear that door frame down (thatís what the leverage feels like to me). Itís just too easy to go throw in the field and just revert to old habits.

Also helped me to practice the last part of the door frame drill to feel this, but you have to actually move around the door frame. I always just grabbed the door frame and got into my final backswing position which never helped me feel anything.

Hope this helps!


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