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Originally Posted by Countchunkula View Post
Anyway back on topic: Really hoping the powers that be liked the results of having Toboggan open all of October. If so, I'll be sure to get a couple days off and make the trip next year.
If you're planning a trip from far away like you are October is a WAY better time to play the Tobog than the summer months. The shule is still a problem but not as bad, the weather and humidity obviously by October is far better too. But also there is a lot less of the ticks come mid October. Unfortunately the Tobog comes with ticks so always keep that in mind.

Originally Posted by ru4por View Post
Just took a quick drive over to Boardman Park in Taylor. It is listed on DGS already. This is what I found.

Course does not have baskets, at this time. Tee pads have been poured and are huge and look great. The park seems to be clay based and was holding water in Nov. Looks like a canal of sorts has been dug around part of the park to manage drainage. It has been very wet, so this may change seasonally. Holes seem to work around the parameter of the park, making use of a nice hill. There is a walking path that seems to come into play, but it was hard to see the exact flow for lack of baskets. Pro and Am pads on most holes. There is a picnic shelter and playground on site. Looks as if it is dog friendly. (obviously on a leash and cleaned up after) There were garbage cans in the park. This area is begging for a course and this looks to be more than a pitch and putt venture. The holes looked interesting and longs seems to present a challenge. I am dying to give this course a play. I will try to update, when baskets are put in place. Going South on Telegraph, turn right on Haskell St, right before Home Impressions Furniture, past Tim Horton's.
Very cool thanks. A lot of standing water in the Google homepage pics for the park, reviewers also said the park does have a mosquito problem. That might be part of the reason why it's not a very busy park (per the reviews) despite the location. Either way it's another course in my radius so bring it on, we are all used to getting less than ideal land and parts of parks that aren't suitable for much else besides throwing frisbees.

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