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Whoops...submitted before I finished.

And how is asking for something being cheeky? Its a Goddamn PDGA rule, guy. I didn't make the rule, but if you say you wouldn't enjoy a Players Pack for a tourney, you're likely lying. I love having Merch from tourneys with their stamp on it....and, as I said before, I often buy additional merchandise from the tourney. With my money. That I work for.

You seem to have greatly misconstrued what I said, and then decided to insult me like I'm some freeloader who has never worked for anything in my life. I'm not some punk kid who uses daddy's money to pay for a tournament and them whines when I don't get more than I put in just because I also like to throw discs. I'm a 30 year-old man with a wife, daughter and a home. We are a single income family. So yes, if you're asking me to shell out 50 bucks (or more) for a tournament that only gives out 3 trophies and no players packs and is held on a course I can play anytime I want for free, I'm not going to play. And many, many other players in my boat will also skip it.

Now, if you ask me to pay 20 bucks or less for that same scenario, then you bet I'll be there to au and know that a good chunk of that is going to support the course /club, whatever. And you'll get people turning out in droves. THAT is what's good for the sport. To be a true amatuer sport, it has to be way more affordable. High School sports (which were used as a previous example) are affordable. You pay for a sports physical (usually around 50 bucks and is good for a year...hey, just like a PDGA membership!) No one pays to play any event. They are paid for by school funds...usury like (in theroy) a tournammet could be paid for by sponsors. That makes it a cost-free event.

I'm simplifying things of course, but my points stand and are valid.

As for your snippy little comment about being a cheapskate because I want to get my value back from competition...Kant that EXACTLY WHAT THE OPEN DIVISION IS TRYING TO DO?

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