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Originally Posted by SD86 View Post
I was surprised that my search for a Sphinx thread yielded no results, so here goes a new one:

Just got my 167g I-blend Sphinx in, and it is yet another grand slam home run for Infinite Discs. The I-blend plastic ("I" stands for "Infinite", I think) is not Shimmer Star or GStar, as I'd feared it might be. It's like the softer Star plastic in my Star Roc3 and Mako3 from a couple of years ago, maybe like Pro that didn't quite make it to full-blown firm Star material. But it feels just fine, grips well.

The Sphinx's numbers are 9,6,-3,1. Not sure if the glide is quite that, but the Sphinx is understable fresh out of the box. Like a beginning-to-season-in Star Sidewinder or fresh Fury kind of understable. It turned over nicely on a couple of drives, with a bit of fade back. (One drive was downhill, so it had some more room to fade back.).

The Sphinx is right there as a Speed 9 Mamba/Vulcan type of disc. I look forward to seeing how durable the I-blend plastic is, and if the Sphinx holds its numbers or gets even more US and flippier. I also look forward to testing it as a roller; I suspect it will be a good one.

If this keeps up, I might end up with an All-Infinite bag(!).

I've been thinking about an All-Infinity bag. I'm a noodle-armed geezer, so I rarely throw distance drivers. I'm also a minimalist, so I only need six discs: slightly OS fairway, slightly US fairway, slightly OS mid, slightly US mid, an approach putter, and a putting putter. Depending on the Anubis, I could be set.

Hey, Infinity, if someone won the Michigan Senior Olympics with an all-Infinity bag, would you sponsor them? Just asking for a friend...

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