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Originally Posted by mojorooks View Post
So a Thunderbird 9,5,0,2 will perform better in a headwind than a Valkyrie 9,4,-2,2 but a Firebird 9,3,0,4 should be about the same?
Throwing into a headwind is the same as throwing faster. If you can throw 300 and throw into a headwind, the flight will be the same as if you would throw 350 or 400. A Valkyrie, that used to fly straight, becomes understable. A Roadrunner, that used to be slightly understable, becomes a roller disc. A Firebird, that used to be a meathook, flies more like a Thunderbird. You'll experience the same shift if you throw downhill. The opposite for throwing slower or with a tailwind or uphill.

In my experience, the flight path of a disc that already has some turn in calm condition is more affected by a headwind than a disc that has high HSS. If I compare a beat to straight DX Teebird and a Star Valkyrie, which I typically use for the same shots as they both fly very straight (the Teebird purely straight, the Valkyrie with a tiny S), into a headwind the Valk has more potential to turn and burn, despite being the faster disc; the Teebird fights more against it.

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