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Question Wanting to learn to throw backhand- need a few disc recommendations

I have been playing disc golf for a few years but have never learned to throw backhand as my first shot (Tried it a couple times but found forehand easier). However, I am determined to learn and I would like to hear what discs you recommend I buy. My research suggested that I need something with "lower speed" and "understable." The Avenger SS was brought up a few times, so I'm considering that disc. I own a Valkyrie and a Hatchet and all of my other drivers are speed 10 or greater (So I assume, I should hold off on throwing those?). I would like three discs- one for throwing straight, one that fades to the left, and one that fades to the right.

My other question is I'm debating on what mid ranges to carry. I have a Roc, Roc3, Shark, Buzzz, and M4

Thanks for your help
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