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Nice job gcr russell! A great resource.

The list could be much more useful if someone would provide summaries of the videos-beyond the blurbs of who is in it like a rating of the video's quality, at what time key events happen, whether a particular video has certain features (slow motion replays, etc.). Categories, of course, and expanded categories like instructional videos which are worthy.

As much as I love the game I seldom watch a video of any match unless someone tells me I am in it. Even then I am likely to fast forward to my section and ignore the rest. I'm not sure why this is but the more information about a video, the more likely I am to watch it or some part of it. I suspect others may be similar in this regard.

The lack of spectators in our sport is a primary drawback when it comes to attracting sponsors for tournaments. It may be that if efforts like this video list draw players into watching the game on video it may eventually translate into drawing spectators to live events? Or maybe this is too great a leap of casuality?

I wonder why some players watch videos and others don't?
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