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Originally Posted by aothiom View Post
here we go...

McBeast's own thread to field questions, concerns and to generally avail himself (time permitting) to us here at DGCR.

right off the bat paul, what in general made you feel the need to stay loyal to innova? from what you have already covered about this can you be more specific?

obviously the offer made to the other pros who left their respective companies had to be pretty generous, and you seem to be a generally astute businessman (from what i've read you say here in the forums). can you elaborate a bit on this topic?

oh, and thanks for agreeing to this thread!

ps thanks to MJ and his thread for inspiring this one.
I won't be answer any questions about this "new company" but I will say I was offered a spot along with many others but seeing what they were offering wasn't appealing to me so I decided to stay with Innova