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Default 350'-400' throwers, what discs do you throw and why?

I thought people of similar arm speeds could share what they use and why as I’m always on the lookout for more discs and ideas. Hopefully there are some over-sharers out here.

  • Play around North Atlanta @ 1200’ of elevation
  • Play a lot of wooded courses
  • Throw FH, overhand, and RHBH - generally throw flat or hyzer flip. Very rare to throw an anny driver.
  • Prefer beadles or small bead discs.
  • I would generally consider 360' good, and a 380' throw a crush, but I can occasionally touch 400'. I will say that if I only went by course distance instead of throwing on football fields, I would probably classify myself as a 400+' thrower.

Disc category (distance ranges I generally use them for & weights)

Putters (less than 270’ & 170g-175g)
  • Understable – Mirage
    • I use this for standstill upshots that I need to go straight and hyzerflip turnovers though I am starting to throw my glow Reko on anny flex as turnovers can be really touchy. Also easy to overshoot with this disc as it glides forever.
  • Stable – Berg K3
    • Driving putter for sub 230’, straight forehand approaches, any approach where I want to make an aggressive throw.
    • Very straight for most of the flight with a reliable small fade at end. Others comment on this disc being overstable, but in this plastic, I find it very straight/stable, it doesn't really want to turn or fade much. I would consider my K1 Reko to be slightly more stable than this but very close.
  • Stable – Reko K1 Glow
    • Driving putter, small anny lines that I want to flatten out, upshots. Very reliable stability in this plastic so far at my power level.
  • Overstable – Zone Z
    • Utility disc - Forehands, short hyzers, flex shots. I can’t throw this very far backhand but love it for working angles closer to the basket.
  • Putting – Reko K3
    • Love the plastic, flat to small puddle top, and the shallow hand feel.
    • I would consider this a medium glide, stable putter. More stable than the dx aviars and yetis I've used.

Mids (260’-320’ & 168g-178g)
  • Understable – Patrol Lucid
    • Hyzer flip turnovers, uphill hyzer flips, powered down woods shots. Thrown on the right angle, this disc goes far.
  • Understable – Fuze Lucid
    • Slight hyzer to straight late turnovers, powered down shots in woods, steeper hyzers that I want to drift left. I was using a P-Line MD3 for this but I just really prefer a disc in a star or champy plastic.
  • Stable – MD3 Champ, currently auditioning an Emac Truth Sparkle Lucid
    • Workhorse, straight shots with small finish left at end.
    • This is my most used disc. I have a flat beat in champ MD3, a few crowned eagles, and am also trying an emac truth. For me, the MD3s are more stable than the truth. The truth, out of the box, requires a slight hyzer. I think the truth is a tick faster but I’m concerned about its reliability for this slot in my bag. I have to be smooth with the truth. The MD3 is a little slower but holds up better to OAT and wind. Domey crowned eagles are the most stable of the MD3s I have tried but the champ/star/colored glow are all close in flight out of box. P-line gets flippy quickly.
  • Overstable – Verdict Lucid
    • I wanted something a little more stable than my MD3 that I could trust in the wind. This works for that fresh out the box but I’m a little nervous about it maintaining that stability after some seasoning. Also had a Lizotte flow MD4 for this slot but its doesn’t feel as good in my hand.

Fairways (300’-340’ & 168g-175g)
  • Understable – FD D-Line
    • Rollers
    • Used to love this disc but it quickly becomes too delicate for me to use on anything other than rollers.
  • Understable/Stable – FD P-Line
    • Straight shots, small hyzer flips, hyzers that I want to drift way left
    • I’m trying to get this disc to where the D-Lines are out of the box or after one tree hit. I don’t throw it a ton, or it would probably already be there.
  • Stable – FD S-Line
    • Workhorse, straight shots, small flips, reliable fade, occasional overhands that I don’t want to pan much.
    • I use this disc a fair amount too and also use a color-glow NS2. It’s a great flyer with a reliable fade for me. A little longer and a hair less stable than my Jen Allen Teebirds.
    • I have tried some Leo3s in this slot too but only champ came close. It was still less stable than what I wanted for the workhorse slot.
  • Overstable – FD 2nd Run C-Line
    • Overhands, forehands, heavy head wind, flex shots, more of a utility disc for me.
    • I think a champ teebird would work here and be easier to replace, but I am a disc buying addict.
  • Utility – Firebird Champ
    • Overhands, forehands, skip shots fore and back, hard flexes. When I’m pinched on the left side of a wooded fairway, I love to throw this forehand on a steep anny and get it to land flat.

Drivers (Over 330’ & 165g-175g)
  • Understable – Tern Gstar
    • Roller, steep uphill hyzer flip woods shots, shots where left is dead and its ok if it turns into a throwler.
  • Understable – Wraith Pro
    • Hyzer flip to turnover shots.
    • Workhorse out of the box but then….This is my favorite disc when new but after a little seasoning it becomes understable. I can generally trust it to ride out that turnover line rather than becoming a throwler like the Tern. If I was cycling every month or so, these would be perfect. I have found that PFN pro plastic holds up a little better but it will flip if you play in the woods a lot.
  • Stable/Overstable – Wraith Star
    • Forehands, drives I need to finish left
    • These are not seasoned much so far but I can’t wait to get them to where a pro wraith is out of the box because then this will become my go to disc.
    • I generally find that domey = more overstable in this mold. I can flip my flat star and it’s the one I think will develop quicker into my workhorse.
    • I have a champ/gstar/echostar in this as well. Champ is basically the same as star though I think it will take longer to season. The gstars/echostars are nice but I am particular about disc color and can’t get them in the right colors. I think they would be great in this slot though and beat in quicker.
  • Other Drivers I’m working with:
    • Trespasses – found a pretty new moonshine and l liked the flight but it turns over into a headwind or if I have bad form and torque it… I bought a lucid and lucid x to experiment with because I can’t stop buying.
    • Destroyer Pro – I’m pretty sure I have no business throwing a destroyer at this arm speed since I don’t throw flex lines, but I wanted to try a pro one out to see how it seasoned and if it would get to a nice reliable flight for me. TBD. I can flip this one but it will still dump hard in low speed. I think its promising in this plastic.
    • Also tried some Shrykes and other Terns but haven't loved them and didn't feel like they would be as reliable as the Star Wraiths once they seasoned. The swirl star shryke I had was new but I could see it working for me more once seasoned. My favorite tern that I threw was a clear tie-dyed but it is essentially a camo disc.

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