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I finally got out to test the Anax in the Field as well as on the course

Field tests: It flew like I had expected. Very close to the #'s. I would agree with them - though if I were to give it flight # and comparing to a Thunderbird that I do feel is 9/5/0/2 the Anax feels to fly a touch faster, similar glide, but a little more fade later in the flight as its gliding out. I would call it 10/5/0/2.5 - but being honest I think the 10/6/0/3 is really fair. That 3 fade is nowhere near a Firebird or a Destroyer. It held on a flat power line very straight, the glide was noticeable but not 'crazy'. The fade depended on the release angle, Flat power throw and the fade seemed more like a solid 2, but on a slight hyzer this will not flip up much at all and fades out fairly aggressive. I feel it would be comparable to a PD or a fairly OS Thunderbird or an OS Vulture.

On the course. Well, first throw with it I hit the whatever that means haha, it flew nice and as expected. I threw it on a longer 'bomber' hole mainly to see what it could do....i gave it almost all I had and it held nice and straight...nice hold on the glide...and reliable fade without it fading out TOO much, and it was in a great position only 15-25 ft shorter of my MAx D drive that I threw first. SO distance-wise I feel speed 10 is accurate, this flew nice and far especially when given some height. I think this disc will be GREAT for cycling especially in ESP - I can see this wearing into a -1/2 kinda flight after extensive use and even a turnover driver after LONG use. So I feel its a nice stable-OS control driver that many people can use and enjoy.

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