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Default Is it me or will Paul McBeth be the best DGer ever?

A lot of people are sold on Will Shusterick being the next Ken Climo because 1. he's young, 2. he's lengthy like Climo and 3. he's already got a world championship to his name.

Dave Feldberg is clearly the best in the game right now, and I have argued that he needs more recognition from the DG scene than he is currently getting, but time will start to mess with his game sooner than the young guns.

Nikko Locastro is a guy who, quite frankly, is given way too much credit and despite being young I have been totally underwhelmed with his most recent performances. He's a perfectionist, but as soon as he starts shooting poorly it all goes down the tubes.

Paul McBeth is, in my opinion, the guy to look out for. He doesn't have the kind of Ken Climo frame everyone here seems to get hot and bothered by, but he is absurdly consistent and supremely efficient. He is able to tweak every last bit of his game to remove all of the unnecessary movements maximize his ability. He channels that better than anyone else in the game right now, save for Dave Feldberg. He's also young.

Yeah, I know he "owns" the memorial, but he is going to start owning much more than that. Expect a Worlds from him this year, and numerous other wins on the world circuit. He's for real.
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