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Originally Posted by ejvogie View Post
1 - Quest 10M Brick?
2 - Lightning #2 Putter? I have no idea about these 2
3 - Discraft Zone
4 - Innova Roc, Wedge
5 - Discmania MD3? Since I already used Innova, this might be a stand-in for the Roc3
6 - Yikun View? Only thing left in MSt's guide I don't have a mfr for this speed
7 - Millenium Polaris LS
8 - ABC Flying Squirrel, because why not?
9 - Daredevil Mammoth
10 - Axiom Insanity
11 - Legacy Renegade
12 - MVP Wave
13 - Prodiscus Fasti
14 - Vibram Lace

Nice list.

I can tell that you have been playing disc golf for a bit if you remember the 10m brick from Quest. I have only been playing for a few years, and unfortunately have never seen one during that time.
I live relatively close to Marshall St, and have checked out the remaining Quest stock that they still have; all drivers - Defenders, Infernos and such. The plastic looks like perhaps it would not measure up to today's newer stuff. But, how cool would it be to be crushing drives with one of those dimpled Defenders.

I played a round today with a guy that was using his Flying Squirrel for most of his upshots. It was more stable than I imagined that disc would be. Not overstable, but pretty straight.
And, coincidentally, given your list, he was also using a very beat up Polaris LS for turnover upshots. That disc was extremely flippy.
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