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Originally Posted by ejvogie View Post
What flight chart is everyone using for this? I'm using MSt which has the Lace and UnLace listed as 14's...

Good question!

You're right that the Marshall St Disc Golf chart has both Lace and UnLace listed as speed 14. And, I generally follow that chart as a good reference.

But, I recognize that people will have different views on the actual speeds of particular molds; views that may differ from the Mst chart.

In fact, I don't agree with everything on the Mst chart. For instance, I do not believe that a Westside Catapult is in fact a speed 14 disc, as listed on Mst and other sites. I would probably put it around speed 12. Someone else could disagree with me, perhaps saying it is speed 13 (or 11).

And, it is my view that a Kastaplast Kaxe is a speed 5 disc, not speed 6 as is generally given around the web. My view is based on throwing a Kaxe in a field alongside some other speed 5 and 6 discs, and seeing that the Kaxe is generally slower than the speed 6 discs (like a Leopard), and slower, in fact, than some speed 5 discs (like the Stingray, which another site puts at speed 4!). This is my own view, however. And, I recognize that it is not worth getting in a fight with others about trivial issues like listed disc speeds.

Now, if someone were suggesting that the Vibram Lace should be put at a speed vastly different than speed 14, then I would call shenanigans.

So, when a person responds to this challenge, and makes a list where discs are in somewhat different speed positions than I would place them, I still view the list as valid - and interesting, in fact, because they may be saying, "Here are the discs that I choose, and in the positions that I believe they truly belong".
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